How it works?

a. Gift for a wedding list should go to the button "Search Wedding" there appears a form where you will enter the necessary data search. Having identified the marriage will see a list of products chosen by the couple. The product list has multiple columns (Code, description, model, unit price, photo, chosen, gifted, quantity.) Having chosen the product must enter the amount.

b. To choose the amount of product to give away, you must enter the amount you want and press add. You can also add without putting much pressure in this case is added to cart the quantity chosen by the couple. To add another product should proceed in the same way.

c. Go to shopping cart. In this screen you can remove products you want. .

d. To complete the purchase if you are already registered you must load the username and password. Otherwise you must register.

e. Once you have completed the registration data should add a message for the couple, and then choose the payment method, by selecting the available options of payment:

• Payment by credit card. (Enter the data from the credit card).
• bank transfer by calling 4813-5605 or by sending an email to
• Payment through

When you finish, you'll receive an email with the transaction's details.